Bold Red Lipsticks

Red Lipsticks can enhance your whole look. The perfect way to select your lip shade is by comparing it to your undertones. For those with cool undertones, shades like wine, maroon will be the best choice whereas for warm undertones, warm orange hues or brick toned red shades will be perfect. Below are some recommendations of amazing red lipsticks: SUGAR […]


1.BANANA BERRIES SMOOTHIE This delicious smoothie will satisfy your sweet cravings and prevents dehydration. It will help you achieve your weight gain goals and strengthen your bones. In a blender add 1/2 cup mixed berries 1 banana (peeled) 1/2 mango (peeled) 2 tablespoon yogurt 1/2 cup milk 2 teaspoons honey 2-3 drops of vanilla essence 5-6 ice cubes Blend all […]

Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C serums are good for every skin type whether it is oil, dry or combination skin. The biggest role of vitamin C serum is to cut down melanin production and fades dark spots, hyperpigmentation and makes skin brighter .Vitamin C serum can reduce the appearance of lines & wrinkles and protects skin against sun damage. Never use Vitamin C […]


Highlighters are a great way to add radiant glow to your skin. Use them on high points of your face to get that glowing look. Hope you will found your highlighter. Do not forger to leave a comment below.

Exotic Fragrances For Men

BELLA VITA Bella Vita Organic CEO Man Luxury Perfume is perfect for every day wear. The fragrance is mild but lasts upto 8 hours. Apply over moisturizer to make the fragrance lasts longer. PERFUME NOTES TOP: Lemon, Spicy, Violet, Sugar fruity notes BASE: Moss, Tonka, Vetiver Middle: Aromatic, Geranium Lavender, Woody, Agarwood Leather PRICE: Rs.899/100ml LATTAFA LATTAFA ASAD EAU DE […]

5 Amazing Moisturizers for Dry Skin

WORRIED ABOUT DRY SKIN??? Dry skin if not handle properly may lead to itching, cracks and rashes. Dry skin may be caused by the loss of natural oils from skin due to the usage of harsh chemicals infused products. To maintain the moisture and keep the skin healthy and glowing below are some recommendation for moisturizers that will act as […]

Get Wonderful Soft Plump lips

Why lips gets dry, chapped and black? What deficiency causes dryness of lips? Do dryness of lips can be cured? How to keep lips softer? We all love keeping our lips soft and hydrated. But due to dry weather and improper diet, lips gets chapped and dull. Sometimes deficiency of iron & zinc may cause cracks around the mouth. Consult […]


Does acne prone skin go away? Why do i get acne at the age of 20? How to have clear skin? What food causes acne? How to fix acne naturally? 1. AVOID unhealthy food products According to a research young adults who consumes dairy products and more refined carbohydrates tend to have acne prone skin. Such products may stimulates the […]


When sebaceous glands start producing excess sebum, the skin gets oily and greasy. Sebum is a substance which prevent your skin from dryness. Dirt, oil, pollution and dead skin can clog pores which ultimately leads to excess sebum production and acne. Here are some cleansers that will help you to unclog pores, fight against acne and helps to achieve oil […]