Some eye care tips

Some eye care tips

Dark circles under the eyes are the cause of lack of sleep, dehydration, genetics and frequently rubbing your eyes. Under eye dark circles can never be gone within a day, it will took time to get rid of your dark circles. Below are some tips to reduce appearance of dark circles.





Get rid of dark circles

1.Under eye roll on

Under eye roll on provides intense hydration and smoothens under eye skin. Such roll on effectively reduces darkness under your eyes and fine lines. It helps to massage under eye skin that increases blood flow and decreases puffiness.

Dark circles
Under eye roll on

2.Reduce screen time

Using phones or focusing on T.V., laptop screens can cause stress and fatigue to eyes as screens emit blue light, which can disrupt circadian rhythm [sleep-wake cycle] that ultimately leads to poor sleep and causes under eye darkness. Try to minimize screen time.

Usage of phone
Dark cIrcles

3.Ice therapy

Applying ice cubes on the under eye area in the morning reduces puffiness and appearance of dark circles as cold temperature of ice cubes constrict blood vessels [becomes narrower] that ultimately reduces swelling.

ice cubes
Dark circles

4.Potato juice

Grate one potato and with the help of muslin cloth extract the juice of potato. Dip a cotton ball in the juice and apply under your eyes for 10-15 minutes. Potato contains natural bleeching agents that helps lighten skin and provides a brightening effect under your eyes.

Potato juice
Dark circles

5.Eye mask

Eye mask hydrates and brightens under eye. There are many varieties of skin for different skin types and issues. Eye mask infused with hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, retinol, caffeine are perfect to reduce darkness under your eyes as it provide more intense treatment to the skin.

Under eye patch
MCaffeine eye patch


When body is dehydrated it makes skin dull and dry which can make dark circles more prominent. When skin is more hydrated it appears plumper and more radiant, which can help reduce appearance of under eye darkness.

Dark circles

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