Sheet masks for every skin concern

Serum sheet masks can be very beneficial to provide an instant dose of hydration to skin and fights against skin concerns like dullness, acne and dryness. Anyone can use sheet mask according to your skin type. For acne prone skin consider using mask that contains salicylic acid or tea tree oil as it purifies skin whereas for dull skin try […]


Lipsticks can completely enhance your personality and compliment your skin tone. Always consider the undertone of your skin when choosing a lipstick shade. You should try different shades in natural light to see how they look on your skin. Brands offer lipsticks in different formulas such as matte, satin and glossy. Below are some recommendations of drugstore lipsticks that you […]

AM PM Skincare Routine

Morning and Night skincare routine are different as in morning you should products that protects your skin while in night you should use products that repairs your skin. AM/PM skincare routine is a perfect way to keep your skin healthy and radiant. AM ROUTINE PM ROUTINE 1.CLEANSER Cleanser helps to extract all the dirt and impurities from your skin. Using […]

Some eye care tips

Dark circles under the eyes are the cause of lack of sleep, dehydration, genetics and frequently rubbing your eyes. Under eye dark circles can never be gone within a day, it will took time to get rid of your dark circles. Below are some tips to reduce appearance of dark circles. UNDER EYE DARK CIRCLES 1.Under eye roll on Under […]